Venice Biennale – June 2013

Our director, Lynn Marsden-Atlass, is visiting the Venice Biennale this summer and has shared some images with us!

Venice Biennale entrance

The theme of this year’s exhibition La Palazzo Encyclopedic has been played out at the Arsenale. It is inclusive of all marginalized artists from around the globe, an austistic persons ceramic animals and figures, fantasy drawings from prison inmates and more.

R. Crumb the hippie illustrator gets an enormous room as do many other outside artists. Inclusive? Yes. Interesting? No. I was disappointed that the over arching theme reduced all the art as idiosyncratic and narcissistic.

My daughter Kate was angry at the end when I finally met up with her. It was so much better two years ago. More interesting art, artists more engaging. She was mad. I too was expecting much more. Not much that really stood out, even after 5 hours of looking.

To mention a few things:
Marino autorio life work of a model for the Encyclopedic Museum.

The most interesting for me was the sculpture. There was a trend of many artists also doing a small intimate drawing like an artistic diary. More random in content. This a piece by Matthew Monaghan.

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