Daily Dose of Docents: Briana Haggerty

IMG_3985.JPGBriana Haggerty is pictured above giving a tour of our current exhibition, A View of One’s Own, over Homecoming Weekend. She particularly liked giving tours this weekend because our Gallery Director, Lynn Marsden-Atlass (also pictured above; far right) came to the gallery to give her input and perspective on the show. Briana’s favorite aspect of docenting is the diversity of shows present in gallery during the year. From Abbas, to Paul Strand, to our current exhibition featuring three women photographers, Esther Boise Van Deman, Georgina Masson, and Jeannette Montgomery Barron, she has enjoyed the chance to learn about photography from very distinct points of view.

A Senior at Penn, Briana studies Visual Studies and Computer Science. She is currently writing her Senior Thesis about representation systems in society and physiology. As a Junior, she studied abroad in Santiago, where she gained a love for light artists after viewing a light exhibition. She was able to see works by one of her favorite artists, Olafur Eliasson.

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